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Get Ready For Hava Nagila

This mashup was created specially for the wedding of Dan and Chrissy Pardo. 

It combines "Hava Nagila,"  2 Unlimited's "Get Ready For This," and "To Life" from Fiddler on the Roof.

Sample details in order of first appearance:
"Get Ready For This"- 2 Unlimited
"Hava Nagila"- Fiona Pears
"To Life"- Fiddler on the Roof (Original Broadway Cast)
"Hava Nagila"- The London Festival Orchestra

Tom Waits / Bach Invention in C Major



What happens when you map a midi file of Bach's Invention in C Major to a bunch of samples from Tom Waits' recordings...

Tchaikovsky for NES



The finale of Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony combined with the aesthetics of old school video games.