David Trum


Eternity is like unto a Ring (2018)
Mezzo-Soprano, Flute, Violin, Percussion, Piano, and Stereo Fixed-Format Audio.
Text by John Bunyan and David Trum


Four Miniatures for Flute and Drum Kit (2018)
Flute and Drum Kit


Oh, Mother of Exiles (2017)
SATB Chorus a cappella
Text adapted from "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus


Scattered Reflections (2015)


Music Box (2015)
Stereo Fixed-Format Audio


Wood, Metal, and Vibrating Air (2012)
Piano Duo


Occupational Hazards (2012)
Alto Sax and Electric Guitar


Muttering Small Talk at the Wall (2012)
Double Bass


So Many Sweet Dreams (2012)
Stereo Fixed-Format Audio


1955 (2012)
Alto Saxophone with Fixed-Format Audio/Video Projection
Video edited by David Trum with public domain footage (Courtesy of The Prelinger Archives)


Cincinnati Scrap (2012)
Marimba with Stereo Fixed-Format Audio


Costumes, Disguises (2011)
Mezzo-Soprano, C Flute, Alto Flute, and Cello
Text by Megan Scharff


My Voice is Strong (2010)
SSAB Chorus, Celeste, Horn in F, and Cello
Written in Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Kennett Symphony Children's Chorus


Mutatis Mutandis (2009)
Baritone Voice, Bb Clarinet, and Cello
Text by Kelli Boyles


Ancient Wisdom, Enduring Spirit (2009)
Bb Clarinet, Violin, and Cello


Tape Piece (2009)
Stereo Fixed-Format Audio


Perceptions of Gaia (2008)
Percussion Ensemble with Solo Tenor Saxophone


Werewolf Meditations (2008)
Stereo Fixed-Format Audio


Sunrise (2008)
Woodwind Quintet


Dreams Unfettered Find Footprints of You (2008)
Acoustic Guitar


You can close your eyes to reality, but not to memories (2007)
Piano Trio (Piano, Violin, and Cello)


Unfamiliar Shores (2007)
Flute and Percussion


Mediterranean Song (2007)
Acoustic Guitar